"Archer is gonna get Warner out in this over, I tell you,"
"Mithali is gonna hit consecutive sixes now."
Predictions come naturally to anyone who watches cricket. On PlayCKC, these watchers become gamers as they get to predict live while the match is on. Unlike fantasy, predictions are intuitive. The prediction game, PREDICT,on PlayCKC is FREE, LIVE and EXCITING. Gamers also get to accumulate points over time. Yes, their performance does not end with that day's game. They can use their lifetime winnings to redeem prizes in the app. Be an early adopter. Play and conquer.
  • Free to play
  • Easy MCQ format
  • Win real prizes
  • LIVE play
Behind the Scenes
  • Intelligent Question Engine

    The question engine presents on-the-spot situation-based questions as the match happens. Yes, live questions are generated along with the game. Even the internal team does not know what questions will show up.

How do I play this game?
Do I have to pay money to play this game?
What is a silver nanya? How do I collect silver nanyas to begin playing?
What do you mean by game play outcomes?
What is the significance of a playzone in PlayCKC Predict?
What do I win if I do well?
Where can I redeem my nanyas for gift vouchers?
Which cricket lover would not want to select a team!
Our selection game lets the gamer pick six players, well, match winners. Yes, one can have a team of only batters. Unlike typical fantasy formats, PlayCKC's SELECT is not passive game play. Gamers can select their Playzone Hero, even substitute players during a live match. The Real Money Gaming version of this game was launched for public in June 2021.
  • Just pick six
  • Free & Real-Money
  • Win real prizes
  • No limits
Rewards for every gamer
  • Elegant Points System

    With the lowest entry fee in India, contests that are designed to be fair to gamers of different skill sets and rewards in both cash as well as gift cards, PlayCKC SELECT offers a rewards experience that's meant for every type of gamer.

How do I play this game?
Why do you call it live fantasy?
What are contests? Are there different kinds?
What is a gold nanya? How do I collect gold nanyas to begin playing?
Tell me about the scoring system
What do I win if I do well?
Where can I redeem my nanyas for gift vouchers?